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Married for more than 20 years, we have been sailing since we were very young, our daughter was born in the sea and she learned to swim before walking, we spent summer holidays on sailing boats with friends, made regattas and  crossings around the sea with dolphins, aperitifs and bbq in wonderful bays with people of all ages who wanted to try this experience.

And so, with our faces turned to the sun and in the silence of the wind, we started to reflect on the time passing by,  human life and happiness, we sold the house and bought a largest boat,  to live, as in our dreams, on boat and thanks to the boat.

Now, with the enthusiasm of two children, we want to open our home to anyone who wants to live an unforgettable experience, for a day or a week: a dip at dawn with eyes still wrinkled, a barbecue of fresh fish, the desire to steer only by the wind, to spend an evening at anchor near a lighthouse listening to stories of new people.

We are not a charter company or sailing instructors, we are just a couple who love what we do.

Lei, Vale


Sun Odissey 43 Legend, 13,21 mt.

Vale is a fast, comfortable and elegant sailing boat. It’s equipped with wide outdoor spaces, to comfortably sunbathe or eat and talk under the shadow of a large awning in the cockpit.

Inside there are 3 double cabins and 1 with a bunk beds, 2 bathrooms with inner shower, 2 relax areas with couches and pillows and a well-equipped kitchen to cook fresh and fanciful meals.

l'Armatrice, Daisy


Mother and captain’s wife

Cheerful and carefree, the owner takes care of her guests as a perfect hostess, making sure they have everything they need.Sailor for passion, she helps the captain in the maneuvers and she’s always ready to uncork a bottle to celebrate!

Sandro, il Capitano


Lover of sailing and cooking

The captain is a doc from La Spezia who loves telling his guests the story of the Gulf of Poets, the characters who lived there and the stories that surround it.He loves the sea and the wind and as soon as hi can he opens the make you savor the silence. His passion is contagious!